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IT teams can supercharge production through Intelastel

The no code application builder features pre-written modules that make configuration quick, easy and fully flexible even after deployment. The visual interface and drag and drop functionality is so simple it allows tech teams to devolve simple application development tasks to users outside of IT.

Using Intelastel, IT professionals can:

  • Easily integrate hundreds of disparate data sources to create one clear view.
  • Deliver systems up to three times faster than with a bespoke solution.
  • Reduce outsourcing costs by delegating simple applications to users within the business.

Benefits to IT professionals:

Speed and agility

Speed and agility

Our applications don’t just build efficiency, they’re built efficiently. IT professionals can spin up an application overnight and quickly iterate on prototypes to find the best solution, fast.



Equip IT professionals with the skills and means to create time- and energy-saving applications, delegating responsibility and demonstrating trust.


Applications with purpose

The lead role IT professionals take in application conception and configuration ensures comprehensive understanding of their usage and functionality.

Skills growth

Skills growth

Grant employees the opportunity to enhance their business skill set with future-leaning expertise that can translate across all departments.


Security is paramount, which is why Helastel is ISO27001 certified for Information Systems Management. Intelastel has been designed with the latest security practices in mind, with all data encrypted at rest.



Intelastel is designed to scale as your business grows: whether it’s through the high availability and automatically scaling infrastructure, there are no barriers to the number of applications you can compose or the number of users you can onboard.