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Citizen developers are one answer to the IT skills shortage

As businesses become reliant on increasingly powerful software, demand for developers has risen significantly, creating a growing skills deficit that threatens to derail the digital transformation.

Citizen developers are one answer to this IT skills shortage. Enabled by the rise of no code platforms, these non-pro-coders are able to compose, configure and deploy applications in-line with business requirements. Citizen developers can:

  • Improve efficiency by building applications for business functions, often guided by templates.
  • Ease workload on tech teams and accelerate lengthy approval and development processes, by creating applications independently.
  • Use their extensive expertise of the business to create applications that target the company’s precise needs.

Benefits to citizen developers:

Speed and agility

Speed and agility

Our applications don’t just build efficiency, they’re built efficiently. Citizen developers can spin up an application overnight and quickly iterate on prototypes to find the best solution, fast.



Equip citizen developers with the skills and means to create time- and energy-saving applications, delegating responsibility and demonstrating trust.


Applications with purpose

The lead role citizen developers take in application conception and configuration ensures comprehensive understanding of their usage and functionality.

Skills growth

Skills growth

Grant employees the opportunity to enhance their business skill set with future-leaning expertise that can translate across all departments.

Customer Portals

Integrations to existing systems

Integration without migration: Intelastel can connect with hundreds of applications, meaning citizen developers can easily sync existing systems and retain prior data.

Citizen Developer

Simple application composition method

Our non-intimidating platform enables citizen developers to get up and go without lengthy training. Ascend Intelastel’s gentle learning curve aided by our Tutorials, FAQs and Support pages.

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