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Compose new business applications with no coding knowledge

Non-tech-professionals can quickly and easily transform business performance with secure business software, bespoke to their needs. Forms, approvals, trackers, tasks, budgets; Intelastel has it covered.

Using Intelastel, business users can:

  • Lower upfront development costs by 75%.
  • Deliver three times faster than with a bespoke solution, giving you quicker time to value.
  • Compose and configure new secure business applications for your customers without the need to bring in external developers.

Benefits for business users:

Speed and agility

Speed and agility

Our applications don’t just build efficiency, they’re built efficiently. Trailblazing business users can spin up an application overnight and quickly iterate on prototypes to find the best solution, fast.



Equip trailblazing business users with the skills and means to create time- and energy-saving applications, delegating responsibility and demonstrating trust.


Applications with purpose

The lead role trailblazing business users take in application conception and configuration ensures comprehensive understanding of their usage and functionality.

Skills growth

Skills growth

Grant employees the opportunity to enhance their business skill set with future-leaning expertise that can translate across all departments.

Business leader

Lead with no code capability

Business or team leads can create systems independently of IT to streamline application pipelines. Realise optimal business efficiency through event-driven applications and simple automations.

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Ability to iterate and prototype

Rapid composition and deployment facilitates swift prototyping, so version improvements are no longer hamstrung by protracted delivery times. Compose, configure, deploy and iterate, all in under 24 hours.