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Our purpose

Our ambition is to democratise the benefits of digital for every business, forever, with Autonomous Software.

The Intelastel platform enables unrivalled freedom of application development, from design, composition and iteration, with unlimited scope for adaptation on the fly, and with absolutely no coding experience required.

Intelastel is now developing self-learning AI software that will assist with smart recommendations as our users build their applications. With intelligent identification of datasets, suggestions on intuitive workflow revision, and autonomous creation of entire applications, Intelastel will take no code technology to the next level.

Our history

Intelastel is the creation of Helastel, a software solutions company founded in 2004. CEO Iouri Prokhorov realised organisations were being held back by traditional lengthy, costly and inflexible software development processes. The solution was to ‘create software that could create software’, a business application creation platform with a simple visual interface, set up so that non-technical business users could compose and configure their own applications.

Intelastel reimagines the way software is created, devolving creation power away from developers to these Trailblazing Business Users, freeing up tech and dev teams, streamlining the development process, and enabling time-to-value savings of up to 70%.

Helastel’s values

Integrity We seek to understand and anticipate our client’s needs.
Positivity We believe in the world-changing power of our work.
Quality We strive to deliver the very best product.

Intelastel is the real-world result of our values in action.

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