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Evidencing health and safety in construction is essential. But increasingly
complex compliance procedures and requirements are holding developments back.

Punch through the paperwork with illeso, an all-in-one application that reduces
paper-based admin down to zero.

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A first for H&S in construction
– reduce paperwork to zero

Built on the Intelastel platform, illeso is a first-of-its-kind health and safety
compliance application that makes following health and safety guidelines simple,
helping reduce risk in construction and keep workers safer on site.

Digitising all documentation enables secure global access across the compliance
chain for effortless file management. Create, upload, and revise files within the
application and automate admin tasks with calendar reminders and sequenced emails.

Features and benefits

Zero Paper System

covering everything from Risk, Method and COSHH documentation to plant safety checks and incident and near-miss reporting.

Digital Documentation

creates a robust audit trail, offering a clear log of who creates, evidences and submits forms, improving visibility and management.

Fast Record Search

means documents are at your fingertips through keyword search or filter functionalities, for instant access and no possibility of misplacement.

Multi-Device Support

illeso is compatible with multiple operating systems and fully accessible from all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, 24/7.

Global Access Feature

allows anyone with a login to securely view, file or update documentation from anywhere in the world.

Renewal Reminders

automatically notify you when it’s time to update certifications. This simplifies admin and assists site compliance.

All your H&S documents, managed in one place

  • Risk & Method Statement Viewer
  • Operative Viewer
  • Plant Log and Document Control
  • Developers and Site Allocation
  • Qualification Viewer
  • Incident and Near Miss Reporting
  • Toolbox Talks
  • PPE Register
  • Plant Safety Checks
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Simpler sites are safer sites

Working from height, moving objects, unstable terrain, excessive noise, hand-arm vibration, hazardous material – construction is one of the most high-risk industries. It’s naturally held to meticulous health and safety standards.

Digitising your health and safety compliance process makes sites safer and more streamlined:

  • illeso hosts all the health and safety documents you’ll need across multiple sites. They can be sent instantly to operatives when required.
  • Documents are stored centrally and securely in the cloud, available to anyone with permission to access them.
  • Every action is traceable and every document is searchable, so documents can be retrieved in seconds.

A solution built for your team

One size doesn’t fit all. illeso will consult with you to understand your challenges, requirements and existing processes, to build the best bespoke solution in line with your requirements.

Win back a day per month

Companies who run all health and safety admin through illeso can expect efficiency gains of up to one day per operative per month. By streamlining lengthy compliance processes the construction industry is making huge productivity gains.

Future-proof your business

The move to digital is happening across all industries. Migrating your compliance procedure to illeso is a significant step, with key advantages in accessibility, traceability and intelligence sharing.

Case study: MJ Hrycko Carpentry Contractors

Oxfordshire-based MJ Hrycko Carpentry Contractors has more than 40 years’ experience as carpentry subcontractors, working on new build developments for clients such as Taylor Wimpey, Vistry Homes, Clearview Homes and Brookworth Homes.

Inefficient admin

Within the business, all health and safety documentation is handled by partner Paul Hrycko, including site files, operatives’ qualifications, and Toolbox Talks. However, the email and paper-based administrative system was becoming increasingly tedious and inefficient, and the site teams were struggling to coordinate receiving and returning the necessary documentation to prevent holdups.

A digital solution

Paul turned to illeso Health and Safety Compliance Application as a way to centralise his health and safety documentation and provide live access to compliance forms for all stakeholders. With illeso’s secure, digital cloud-based system, health and safety forms can be accessed online by all stakeholders – the subcontractors, operatives, and contractors. This means operatives can upload required documents, subcontractors can easily check live files remotely, and contractors have access to documentation on demand, simplifying administration.

Smoother, safer operations

Since rolling out the illeso health and safety system across the company, Paul has observed a marked uplift in efficiency across his workforce, as document accessibility has enabled smoother operations across all sites. He also estimates health and safety document reminders will save 36 hours on rollout, as illeso removes the bulk of the manual admin from this task. In addition, his customers are able to benefit from the improved productivity the system offers, giving Paul’s business a competitive edge. The environmental benefits of a paperless move progressively align the business, creating a forward-thinking and future-proofed system.

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