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Get started

Using our templates


In this video we’ll show you how to build an application from one of our ready made templates. Templates are simple application configurations with pre-built functionality, which can speed up your application creation. 

Go to to see a list of our templates – we’re adding new ones all the time!

We have everything from: approvals, to health and safety, to sales automations tool, ready for you to customise.  

Let’s pick an example to get started!

Say you need a budgeting application to keep a laser focus on outgoings. Just hover over the template ‘Budget’ and then click ‘Use template’.  

If you have already logged into Intelastel you will be asked to give a name to your new application. Let’s call this ‘Intelastel budget’. Read the terms and conditions and tick the “accept” box..  

Click ‘Create Application’ and your template will appear.

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