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Updates and user profile


This page allows you to view, post, and comment on updates relating to your Intelastel application, and edit your profile.

First we’re going to publish a Post:

Add your message to the text field box then select the users who will see the post from the Visibility drop-down menu… 

By default, all Users and Groups will receive posts to their newsfeed.

When writing a comment or post, you can set it to notify individual Users, or Groups of users within a role on their Feed page by clicking on the @ symbol in the bottom right hand side of the text box.

Click the Publish Post button.

Now let’s look at your account profile, on the right hand pane 

Clicking on the camera logo in the top of the pane lets you upload or change your photo. Any image file format and size is supported.

Let’s select a picture to use and set it as our avatar.

On this pane you can edit some personal information:

Select the space beneath ‘Phone’ to enter or update a contact phone number.

To save the entry, just click anywhere on the screen outside of the text entry field.

Selecting the space beneath About allows you to enter some text – you could put a brief description of your role, or anything you like. 

To save it, again just click anywhere on the screen outside of the text entry field.

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