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An introduction to the Intelastel dashboard

Hello! We’re going to give you a quick introduction to the dashboard for Intelastel, our no code business application composition platform that helps you create bespoke software out of the box. 

Getting started

So, when you log in with your registered email address or your Google ID, you’re first presented with applications you may have already composed or created.

The login screen, where you can select to work on existing applications or create a new one.


But we’re going to create a new application, we’ll call it App1.

Having first reviewed and accepted the Terms & Conditions, you can then hit Create Application.

Client screen

The first thing you’ll see is the feeds screen. Here you can see any of the Latest Updates for the rest of your team and also publish information to your users.

The Client dashboard features updates from your team and other general information.


You can expand the sidebar. You can change personal details like your phone number and add a short bio to your profile. 

Click on your name down in the bottom-left of the dashboard, and you have a few options, including the ability to add in data from other systems and also to send data out to other systems.  


By pressing the Switch to Configurator button, you can now compose the business application.

The Configurator screen, where you can compose and integrate your business applications.


The first thing you do is create Entities. Entities describe the records within your application. To show how quickly it works, we’re going to create a new entity called Customer

We’re going to add a new field to the Customer entity and call it Name and another new field called Email Address, and then I’m going to add some validation on this field which will check that it is an email address when that entry is added.

Adding new entities in the Configurator.


EventFlow determines what happens when specific actions occur, so it’s a bit like a workflow. Automatically, Intelastel creates a basic EventFlow for you that allows you to select records and create records.

A basic EventFlow.


User Management is where you invite new users to the application and also define different roles, which enables you to assign users different roles and permissions. 

You can also change the look and feel of your application in Client Theme Options, including uploading logos, changing colour schemes, changing button styles, and more, to really suit your brand and your application.

You can change the logos and themes of your applications to suit your brand.


So going back to the client and the feed screen, you can now see that a new page has been created called Customer, which relates back to the Entity. 

We can now Select Records. As we’re just getting started there are no records there. We can create a record example. Let’s add a customer called ‘Charlie’, and add an email address called ‘’. We’ll create that record, and you’ll now see that appear.

Creating a new record.


That is a whistle-stop tour of Intelastel, our no code platform, showing you some of the really high-level features that allow you to quickly compose your sophisticated business applications, helping you to create bespoke software out of the box.

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