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Colour Code Your Records In The Client View

This is a short guide to colour coding records in the client view using the filters menu.


  • Familiarity with using the Intelastel interface.
  • You will need to have created at least one entity with records, with a page that shows those records in the Client view.


  1. In the Client interface, select the records page you wish to edit.
  2. On the records page, click + Add New.
  3. Click the Settings icon.
  4. Click Formatting.
  5. In the New Rule menu, select the column with the data you wish to apply the colour coding to, from the Apply to Column drop down menu.
  6. Select a rule to apply to the value from the Format Column if... drop down menu.
  7. You will need to choose a rule from the selection of logical descriptions which matches your data. For example, you can select the rule Text start with to label any record that starts with a matching value to your rule.
  8. Input a value in the Value box to match records against, where the values are strings such as text or number. This is a text entry box.
  9. Choose the colour to label your records from the palette (coloured circle) under Column Style, or to colour the text, choose from the Text Style palette.
  10. Click Apply Changes to save your formatting rule.
  11. Click Add New Rule from the Formatting section of the Settings menu to repeat this and add another rule.

Below is an example screenshot of some temperature data formatted using the rule:

In this example, records in the Temperature column whose value starts with '1' will be color coded green; records whose value starts with '2' will be colour coded yellow.

You can apply other formatting rules and styles to your data from this interface too!

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