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Businessman holding pens and holding graph paper are meeting to plan sales to meet targets set in next year.

Sales automation

Skyrocket your team’s selling capacity by automating tedious admin tasks. This sales process automation template acts as a single point of reference for prospect relations, helping you manage your pipeline effectively and easily log sales and contact details. Automatic notification of data capture keeps sales teams briefed for swift and informed trading.

Technical Description

Use the Intelastel Sales Automation template to create, track and manage your sales process.
Use external form software integrations to allow non-users to enter contact details, then automate the contact creation process.
Integrate your marketing/sales media to collate opportunities all in one place.
Add email applications for automated response/mailshot via Integromat integrations.
Track opportunity/sales conversions.
Create and manage tasks, assignees.


  • Knowledge of Excel type spreadsheet software.
  • Knowledge of forms software.
  • Understanding of own data needs.
  • Third party email client credentials and permissions.
  • Third party form input software integration.
  • User types known.
  • User roles list.
  • Task types known.

Suggested Roles

  • Administrator
  • Supervisor
  • Operative/User/Salesperson
  • Non-user/Customer (read only)

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