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Project Management

Project management

Deliver your project perfectly with this multi-faceted project management template. Highly configurable to flex to your assignment, the project tracker keeps tabs on deadlines and maps progress by percentage, updating in real time for an at-a-glance overview of project status. Stay on top of tasks with the to do list, log man hours via the timesheets and record receipts and outgoings with the budget widget.

Technical Description

Use the Intelastel Project Management template to create, manage and define the scope, entity relationships, user types, and timeframe.
Task creation, type, and progress management should be linked to user/project level and calendar views, or external calendar applications.
Create timesheets and integrate time tracking / logging via third party applications.


  • Knowledge of Excel type spreadsheet software.
  • Understanding of own data relationships.
  • Familiarity with project management.
  • User types known.
  • User roles list.
  • Project type known.

Suggested Roles

  • Administrator
  • Project Owner/Creator
  • Supervisor/Lead
  • Operative/User

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