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Help desk

Considered help desk organisation can enable uncapped efficiency gains. Use this custom-made help desk software template for logging and tracking of tickets, to keep up to date on query status and prioritise by urgency. Record and mark off ad hoc tasks with the to do list, fully collaborative for easy delegation.

Make IT admin simple with this highly flexible help desk template, leaving your support team free to tackle technical problem-solving.

Technical Description

Use the Intelastel Help Desk template to create, triage, and close support desk tickets.
Request creation, escalation/severity level, and type should be linked to user permission level. Link to external email applications for automated replies/external communications.
Create email and integrate time tracking/logging via third party applications.


  • Knowledge of Excel type spreadsheet software.
  • Clearly defined operations roles.
  • Client database integration.
  • Third party email client credentials and permissions.
  • User types known.
  • Project type known.

Suggested Roles

  • Administrator
  • Supervisor/Escalation point
  • Operative/User

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