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Capture the data and information you need in this forms template. A fundamental application building block, Intelastel’s forms software template allows you to compose applications to enable users to rapidly configure digital documents for any use.

Technical Description

Use the Intelastel Forms template to create, fill and extract information from your online forms.
Use external form software integrations to allow non-users to enter information, or create bespoke forms and managed them through Intelastel’s file management feature. Add email applications for automated response/mailshot via Integromat integrations.


  • Knowledge of Excel type spreadsheet software.
  • Knowledge of forms software.
  • Understanding of own data needs.
  • Third party email client credentials and permissions.
  • Third party form input software integration.
  • User types known.
  • User roles list.
  • Task types known.

Suggested Roles

  • Administrator
  • Supervisor
  • Operative/User
  • Non-user/Customer (read only)

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