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Customer service delivery

Provide personalised service en masse without missing a beat. Our customer service delivery template offers enquiry recording, logging and tracking to keep communications fully accessible and at agents’ fingertips, a digitised ticketing system to resolve or escalate issues, and a collaborative to do list in which team members share and allocate tasks.

Technical Description

Use the Intelastel Customer service delivery template to create, track, and manage customer service tickets.
Ticket creation, type, and ownership should be linked to user permission level.
Add integrations to third party applications for automated replies/website form submissions.
Integrate reporting via third party applications.
Assign users to tasks via the to-do list.


  • Knowledge of Excel type spreadsheet software.
  • Clearly defined operations roles.
  • Client database integration.
  • Third party email client credentials and permissions.
  • User types known.

Suggested Roles

  • Administrator
  • Supervisor/Escalation point
  • Service desk operative

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