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Frequently asked questions

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Can I ‘roll back’ to a previous version of my Intelastel application?

Once changes to your application are committed, there’s no way to roll them back. This isn’t such a big problem – Intelastel is designed to be easily modified, so recreating or redesigning an aspect of your application shouldn’t take long! That being said, we recommend creating different versions of your applications as you progress through the stages of application development. You can do this by creating a duplicate of your Intelastel application each time – see this section of the user guide for more information.

I am a developer. Is it possible for me to use my code in parts of Intelastel?

No. Intelastel is designed as a highly configurable no-code development platform, so we don’t allow users to directly code in the platform. You could find a way to integrate your code via a third-party module however, see our Integrations page for more information.

Is it possible to build applications using my phone/tablet?

Yes you can. Intelastel has been designed to be fully browser responsive, which means it will work on phones and tablets. However, we feel the best application composition experience takes place in a desktop browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Can I combine or merge templates?

Nope! Each Intelastel template has been created with specific uses and use cases in mind. However you can freely modify and reconfigure your copies of them, allowing you to add or change functionality as you see fit.

Should I use a template?

If you have no experience with application development, it may be easier for you to start from one of our premade templates, as this can speed up the initial development. However we think that you will soon find that you can comfortably and readily adjust and create new features using Intelastel.