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Should I merge and clean my data before importing? Is it possible to clean data within Intelastel?

Definitely! Removing duplicates, merging and cleaning your data before importing it into your Intelastel application is highly recommended and will save you time and headaches long-term. If that’s not easy to do, then you can use Intelastel to filter and manage your data.

How is my data stored within Intelastel?

When we store your data on our servers, it is encrypted at rest. This is to say, at the point of saving the data onto our database, it has encryption applied to it, to prevent anyone from accessing it without the correct level of permission. This applies to both data you import in to your Intelastel application, and data you and your users input when using your Intelastel application.

Is there a way to test applications before making them live?

We strongly recommend creating a ‘pre-production’ version of your application for you and your testers to use to validate that everything works as you would expect. Once you’re happy and ready to go live with it, you can duplicate your application and start inviting end users!

How can I create a quick navigation link between views in my Intelastel application?

Follow our quick how-to guide here: Navigation Quick Links

How can I colour code my records for ease of visual reference?

Follow our quick how-to guide here: Colour Coded Records