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Frequently asked questions

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Is there a way to test applications before making them live?

Yes. You can create a ‘pre-production’ version of your application which you and your testers can use to validate that everything works as expected. Once you’re ready to go live with it, you can Duplicate the application and invite the users.

Is it possible to build applications using a phone or tablet?

You can. Intelastel has been designed to be fully responsive which means it works on mobile and tablets. However, the best application composition experience takes place in a desktop browser.

How can I find out if my existing applications are compatible with Intelastel for integration?

Intelastel supports integrations with hundreds of external systems and applications. You can check out whether the systems you use are compatible on our Integrations page.


What does ‘data encrypted at rest’ mean?

It means that when data is either imported or entered into Intelastel, it’s held in an encrypted form in our secure database within our secure data centres.

Can I use Google Analytics and Google Data Studio with Intelastel for reporting and analytics?

Yes! Data can be imported from and exported into both Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.