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Low code, no code vs Intelastel

Low code, no code platforms, and Intelastel’s Autonomous Software all share a common value: to help you build applications faster. Which one is best depends on your business. Our table below measures up the key features of Autonomous Software vs no code vs low code platforms, so you can assess the best solution for you.

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Designed for citizen developers
Business Ready, out of the box Some Some
No coding skills required
Creation and configuration style Coding with some modules preconfigured Drag & drop Drag & drop
Build an application in less than 24 hours
Automatically discover insights from your data
Automatically discover new applications
Fast time to value
Pricing and performance that scales
Integration capabilities Broad, though can be complex Limited 100s of integrations available
Application complexity Up to enterprise grade Simple workflows & automations Up to enterprise grade
Enterprise Data Protection & Governance
Cross-application data sharing
States and workflows
Offline application capability