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Pooling your data into a single view through software integrations is invaluable for clear and cohesive business insights. Intelastel connects with hundreds of applications and online services to easily pull through existing data, creating a framework for cohesive, accurate and rewarding systems.

  • a3dcart

  • abyssale

  • accelo

  • action-network

  • activecampaign

  • activedemand

  • activetrail

  • acuity-scheduling

  • adalo

  • adobe-sign

  • agile-crm

  • aha-io

  • aidaform

  • aircall

  • airtable

  • alegra

  • alexa-internet

  • allmysms

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Step 1

Search and select the application or service you want to connect with.

Step 2

Step 2

Select the trigger and add connection criteria from the drop down form fields.


Step 3

Customise details you want captured from your existing application, and click ‘run’.

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