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Intelastel CEO Iouri Prokhorov has been featured in the July digital edition of PCR, the definitive, independent voice of the UK’s tech channel.

In a column entitled The Road Ahead, Iouri argues the need to rethink “traditionally cumbersome” software development cycles that are increasingly “at odds” with the agile demands of today’s digital businesses – of which that is, of course, 99% of businesses today.

In the wake of a pandemic which catalysed the shift to remote work and subsequent adoption of cloud-based solutions, Gartner has predicted the rise of ‘Anywhere operations’. One of the research giant’s trends for 2021 and beyond, businesses will continue to reach customers, hire employees and deliver services “from and to anywhere”.

This transformation in our day-to-day way of working represents a huge opportunity for early users of no code solutions, who – in the face of a global digital skills shortage – can leverage platforms that span their full enterprise and can be quickly integrated with existing systems, with global on-demand accessibility.

“Digitisation is here for the long haul as businesses seek to remake and then optimise their processes through software and automations,” Iouri told PCR’s readers.

“With the rise of no code solutions like Intelastel, however, the process is becoming modernised and accessible, enabling easier uptake for a growing vein of businesses – and the personnel within them – worldwide.”

Head to the July digital edition of PCR for the full column by Intelastel’s CEO, here, or head to our blog for more insights.

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