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Intelastel CEO Iouri Prokhorov has been featured in Information Age, discussing his views on how no-code software like Intelastel is one of the most effective ways to create equalities within the industry.

One rationale is that no-code software can devolve developer power away from IT teams by creating a system members from all departments can contribute to. This gives all departments the opportunity to create efficiencies through software, instead of IT teams prioritising more lucrative areas of the business. 

Additionally, in offering the advantages of bespoke systems at a much lower price tag than custom-developed software, no-code gives smaller businesses the same efficiency gains corporations benefit from. No-code software levels the playing field and allows smaller businesses the chance to compete with bigger players.

Finally, the ease of learning no-code configuration comparative to coding helps bridge the divide for workers looking to upskill, or wanting to move into tech later in life. This helps fill the IT skills gap as well as introducing a broader and more diverse range of workers to the field of software. 

Read the article here, or see our blog page for more insights around how no-code software is effecting huge changes within IT and the wider business world. 

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