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Helastel, a software developer and provider of IT solutions, today announced the launch of Intelastel, a no-code application development platform on a pathway to AI functionality and Autonomous Software development.

Intelastel is a fundamental reimagining of the traditional time-consuming and highly skilled software coding process, allowing business users without a developer skillset to compose and configure sophisticated business applications. A visual interface uses drag and drop tooling and form fills to enable complex application creation without the need for specialist coding knowledge. Additionally, changes can be deployed in real-time, so instead of static sign-off points, business users can revise, review and update applications as they go.

Intelastel’s roadmapped Autonomous Software technology will accelerate the application-building process via Data and Application Consciousness. Within the product build process, Data Consciousness will enable the platform to understand the data linked into the system, and intelligently suggest logical entry types during the build process, shortcutting manual configuration.

Within product use, Intelastel’s upcoming Application Consciousness will identify how data is linked and processed within the application and make suggestions based on the problems users need to solve. And using its simple no-code configuration, making changes to the system will be easy, implemented without professional developer input.

Multisector growth picture for citizen developers

As a fully configurable application, Intelastel is versatile enough to adapt to any sector. Able to integrate with hundreds of applications and online services, the platform can pull through from existing sources to pool disparate data into one clear and concise view.

Demand for digital skills is now greater than ever, there is an ever-growing technology skills gap, and software developers are increasingly hard to source. This is a challenge for smaller companies or startups as they typically have less budget to entice this in-demand workforce. As a no-code application creation platform, Intelastel addresses this by offering an alternative method of software development for SMEs. This trend of software development democratisation is proliferating. As per Gartner 2021 research, it is estimated that, “By 2023, the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers.” [1]

According to Gartner report titled ‘How to Define and Guide Citizen Development Practices’, author and Gartner analyst Jason Wong commented: “Business units increasingly control their own application development efforts, of which citizen developers are playing a crucial role. Application and software engineering leaders must help define and guide citizen development to maximize mutual benefits for business and IT.” [1]

Iouri Prokhorov, Chief Executive Officer at Helastel, commented: “Software application development is currently completely reliant on humans, but this simply isn’t sustainable. The demand for delivery on digital projects outweighs the developers skilled enough to provide the service. Digital runs through everything we do, which has been highlighted by the boost in digital transformation throughout the pandemic, so this issue will only grow. An automated solution is the only way to cope with the demand.

“Automation is starting to be used in some capacity in most industries, but we believe we will be the first to deliver an AI supported and completely automated software development solution.”

[1] Gartner, How to Define and Guide Citizen Development Practices, Jason Wong, Saikat Ray, Adrian Leow, Wan Fui Chan, Published 20 April 2021

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