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Health and safety documentation in construction is an intensive, paper-based administration process, which may require thousands of pages of paperwork per development, many of which will need regular updating. Recognising this, former estimator David Hunt conceived of Illeso, a paperless compliance solution that would digitise health and safety documentation for the construction industry.

Stored in a secure centralised location in the cloud, all parties would be able to access documentation remotely and on-demand from their web browser or mobile. Physical storage and archival issues would be removed, sites would save hours of administration time, and notifications would warn subcontractors of certification expiry deadlines.

Staying agile

As a brand new startup, David was having difficulty finding the right software to suit his offering. He needed a platform which was accessible by web browser for office staff as well as mobile app for workers on-site, which could securely hold personal data in line with privacy laws, which featured a payment portal, and which could scale in size and pricing as his customer base grew. He was also looking for a flexible system that could adapt quickly to changing compliance regulations on the back of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) releases.

David also investigated two bespoke software development solutions. The first gave him an estimation of 12-15 months to complete the product build, while the second claimed it could deliver the development in 9-12 months. With both options, David would be tied into the same long-winded delivery system for any future updates he needed to make – such as changes to HSE regulations. 

In contrast, Intelastel’s no code business application development platform meant David could build and launch his application in just six weeks. The simplicity of the platform allowed David to design the application himself, while its flexibility enabled him to make and deploy instant changes. Additionally, with no limits to the amount of data David could add, the application could scale in step with David’s business.

Image of health and safety discussions taking place at a construction site.

No code customisation

Using the application composer, David configured two highly versatile templates. These could be adapted to accommodate the multiple needs of subcontractors’ compliance documentation. Crucially, David could undertake this work himself without professional developer input, offering ongoing time- and money-saving benefits. “The great thing about the system is you cannot mess it up,” comments David. “Once you get on a roll and you know what you’re doing, it’s really straightforward. It was good fun actually.”

Construction subcontractors and operatives often have limited exposure to online applications within work, meaning they can be less technically literate than other industries. David’s application needed to be simple enough for all users to comfortably navigate. Intelastel offered a fundamentally intuitive system that helped guide users through the process of filling in and submitting documentation via the application.

Rapid revision

As part of the launch process, David onboarded a carpentry company onto Illeso, and this initial run uncovered some useful revisions that would help accelerate efficiency in use. To speed up registration, operatives can now complete personal details after their invitation into the system. Additionally, emailed documentation can now be viewed and signed directly within email, without requiring logins. While in bespoke software development these alterations have been costly and time-consuming to implement, within Intelastel’s application builder the changes could be rolled out in less than a week.

Illeso is now live, and following a successful launch and testing period David is in talks to on-board subcontractors from three major housebuilders. Having identified a parallel opportunity within housing associations, he has been able to quickly adapt templates himself to explore this new source of revenue without any additional outlay and minimal time.

“As a start-up, keeping a laser-like focus on finances has been critical to my business success,” says David. “Intelastel’s no code platform reduced our development times to just six weeks, so we could launch our business quickly and focus on growth. The self-service application builder has perfectly suited my business model, giving me far greater versatility, better value and ease of use than other solutions I found on the market.”

Find out more about the Illeso Health and Safety Compliance Application here.

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