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We all use applications everyday in our personal lives, from social media and fitness apps to home security and gaming apps – and we’re generally comfortable in the knowledge that these applications offer at least a minimum level of personalisation. We can change settings such as notifications, units of measurement, font size, etc, to make them better suited to our personal tastes and necessities. The same is true for many applications we use at work. We might be able to switch our email clients to ‘dark mode’, for example, add storage by the MB, or change the way in which a new message appears on our screen. The ability to personalise our applications to a degree is something we take for granted. 

But we are now entering a new age of application personalisation. Now, we don’t simply have to rely on software vendors to offer us a limited platter of custom options, we can build the applications ourselves – to our exact and individual requirements – enabling us to complete previously rote or time-consuming tasks with ease. 

Personalised applications

No code platforms like Intelastel are enabling more freedom and flexibility than ever before for non-IT professionals to create personalised applications for their workplace. Where expensive, off-the-shelf solutions can be difficult to procure, rigid, or simply under-utilised, the ability to create highly-personalised applications from scratch or from templates presents a new opportunity for us as workers to streamline ours and the department’s workflow. Most importantly, we’ll enjoy using them, because we built them. 

The power of no code platforms enables citizen developers to ideate, design, create and deploy their own unique and personalised applications to their exact requirements and nuanced use cases. Teams are empowered to prioritise and actualise their own tech delivery, crafting and evolving software applications that meet their exact needs in as little as 24 hours. Rather than having to brief a software development company on their requirements, business users can access simple drag and drop functionality to create their applications in a visual interface and configure which types of users have access to certain information. If after deployment they don’t work quite as well as planned or are missing some useful features, the user can simply jump back in and continue to personalise their application until it fits their needs. 

Personalising your application

The ability to create our own personalised applications from the ground up within a new breed of no code platforms like Intelastel is game-changing for the democratisation of software development. Of course, building applications from scratch – and knowing where and how to start – can be daunting nonetheless.  

Application templates like those Intelastel offers can take care of this, offering users a bare-bones structure from which to build upon and continue to personalise as they go. 

Just some of our growing library of templates includes Timesheets, To Do Lists, Sales CRMs, Project Management apps, Forms, Approvals trackers and Help Desk apps. All of these application templates can be heavily personalised, and are integrable with hundreds of widely-used applications via our partner Integromat, including Google Sheets, Docusign, Dropbox, Quickbooks – essentially any program you might want your application to interact with. This offers a practically endless opportunity for the creation of unique, tailored applications.

Final thoughts

The rise of no code application development platforms is now delivering to us what has so far been out of reach: the ability to independently deploy personalised applications in the business, while at the same time being able to integrate that application with the wider business’s IT system and the third-party tools and software its teams rely on.

The age of one-size-fits-all IT is now over. Personalising applications now means a lot more than changing colour schemes and notification settings. With no coding experience, any business user can now begin creating their own applications for their own purposes, that are scalable, powerful and finely-tuned – at a fraction of the cost.

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